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Today it snowed, it softly fell
first as ice bits, and then the fluffy white snow we triumph over our sweet musical rainsnow is silent
and rough
chapped lips and numb fingers
its a selfish lover
yet it danced with the wind so gently I could not help but fall in love
maybe thats why I am a mess when it comes to this
of machinations repetitions hopelessly trying to get what is permanently out of their reachthey do not know better
I do not know better
difference is
I willlike snow fall of a past the cold I can't remember
when I stood no taller than my mother's hips so she had to bend over to pick me up and she'd envelope me in her warmth
a defineless space
in which snow was just white and fun and softJapan's snow is cold and unrelenting
It does not kiss lightly and when you step on it
it steps backmaybe we don't remember the cold of the past
the bad parts slowly become the contrasts that better define the memories whilst fading it whitelike snow
on everything …

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